Wednesday, March 4, 2009


exam is around the corner
left 1 more day
but im tired

tired to do homework
tired to tution
tired to study
tired to face the exam
tired to... do anything except to eat!

dun knw why i im tired

i hate tuition
but i have to
coz im senior 3
coz im facing uec
coz im trying hard to score high in every exam included every test
i hope i might not fail in any test
coz the marks of tests is really important

i need someone's help
force me to study hard
stop me from watching drama
wake me up if i felt a sleep
make me smile when i feel stress

im tired
but i couldn't get any rest
coz i have to face my 1st exam in senior3

if i cant reach my target
i will stop having mc donald for 2 months


  1. walau..
    dun like tis la..
    knot eat mcd 4 2 months is nt funny le...
    if i were u i will say i will nt makan..knot la.. dun eat i will die..
    dun treat urself like tis ya!!!

  2. PLUsss oil!

    "PIAk" 2gether~~