Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hangout with Bowie today
Accompany her to pyramid and then watch movie
ate a lot the whole day
i think i really gain my weight during this cny
not purposely wanna keep fit
just feel that have to return to my original weight
but every ladies have to keep after 18 right?!
although i never think that i'm old!

Drive on highway today
actually never think to drive
Terynn just give me the car key
and had the conversation below
Xynn:"you sure? i thought u're kidding!"
Terynn:"i don't think im kidding!"
so...i drive lor...
got my licence 10months
and this is the first time drive through highway
when i reach klang
feel quite happy because i get these words from Terynn:

*Bowie is an expert on driving & parking

18 days to go

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