Monday, March 14, 2011


First of all,
pray for Japan...

When this incident happen,
what will people think first?
-the people
-the economy
-the country
-the ...

When it become more serious,
what will come up next?
2012 perhaps...

News are updated every few hours,
we can really see what is happening over there.
Then we will start wondering...
wondering bout the nuclear may affect us,
wondering bout the earthquake may affect our own country,
wondering bout how will Japan overcome and solve problem during this period

there are some people
who are saying bad words to them
and also spread some fake news
These show people's real face when something happen~

OK, back to my purpose of this post~ lol
i'm actually thinking about the 2010 thingy which people mentioned.

is that true? the first question...
what will happen? the second question...
what will u do? the third question...
and the last one... who will you be with?

I really not afraid of this 2012
but i hope it will not happen...
because i still wanna enjoy my life,
and i'm only 20.
its too young for me to end up my life with doing nothing
and my dream haven't come true yet...

pray for Japan,
with full of my wishes~