Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Girls shopping Day


Well, i had a 1 week holiday but it is not for any vacation. It is for us to study because the graduation exam is 2 weeks later. Althought i just stay at home but i never touch my books this few days! I faced my laptop or television everyday, keep playing bejeweled on facebook or blogging or watch HK drama--my favourite...

Xin & Fann



Today is girls shopping day. Fann and me went to Sunway Pyramid. Actually it was just for a lunch but i had long time never shopping so we decide to shop a while lor. I had not much money but i cant control myself from buying things so i just bought it! I bought a shirt, a sun glasses, a drinking bottle, and share a yellow bag with Fann. We too went to Starbucks for a break because shop till tired d. I ordered my favourite hot Mocha and Fann had her's favourite too-- Javachip. It was quite a wonderful day althought i didn't bought lot things. I enjoy all the moment especially at Starbucks... Hehe...

What I bought-- Green sun glasses


~my Mocha~

Fann drew it and says it looks like me!!


Tomorrow is a whole new day.
I have to start my studies,
otherwise i will regret again.
I don't want to regret even 1 more time.
God bless me~~


  1. We stand beside God ...
    all the time ..
    alllll thee timeeee ...

  2. Wow!shopping~ girls almost like de...
    dun care bout money,if u think u like juz buy it! hahaha!! (Ah Peng always like tat)=="