Tuesday, June 29, 2010


today, should be a wonderful day to me,
it wasn't wonderful as how i expected
but, at least,
i had my favourite breakfast which i miss it for a long time
and, i'm at my favourite coffee shop now,
so... not too bad~

skipped my class today,
because i'm too tired during these few days
i just wanna take a rest and start to focus on the exam
although it ain't a big exam,
its so important to me
so, i'm quite stress,
or rather i just think too much,

try to release my bad mood yesterday
its quite helpful actually
by a comfortable and suitable way
i hope that the time can run faster
because i can't wait for the exam to end
so it means that the course is going to end too~


  1. release , release
    please don't be pissed
    don't take the exam as a risk
    go and ask your sis
    bring u to the east
    don't give me a fist
    i will become beast
    wat you should do is
    give urself a list
    to do wat u need
    or listen to a disc
    there will be a hints
    ask u go and sleep .

    last but nt the least
    good luck .

  2. what a XX post to make me smile~(fill up the XX urself la~)

    im not rubbish
    neither childish
    i hope to speak english
    but im chinese
    not british

    lol ^^

  3. Haha. not bad ma

    I did't think that you are rubbish
    neither childish

    I know you are catching
    and also wishing
    hope that u r reaching

    I will not judging
    whether you are crying
    Because you are always smiling

    I will help you releasing
    when you are stressing
    if u r needing or hoping

    hitting , kicking , buying,scolding
    all are exciting
    or u want kiding

    i am advising
    that u cant fishing
    and always must listening

    go and sleeping
    when u r tiring
    and not to "half-ing"

    i am liking this post so "muching"
    and wondering
    can u understanding
    wat is half-ing

  4. sure ur tou dai knowing~
    she is trying
    not to be half-ing
    she likes kidding
    but hate writing
    please not worrying
    coz she is surviving
    from examing
    she wan singing
    and also shopping~

  5. haha.

    as I am sifu
    i will ask u be careful
    bcz this world have too many fool

    i will tell u the truth
    that u will successful

    believe in ur rules
    because all are useful

    i am very cool
    bcz i will bring u to zoo
    or u wan a fool ?