Saturday, June 26, 2010


suffering from working and studying during this week

it was tiring actually

so my under-control mind had activated

couldn't stop thinking at working time

colleagues keep asking me why i look sad and blur

actually i'm not

its because something is spinning inside my mind


i'm not as strong as u think

i'm not as weak as people seen

feel weak when people is helping me

feel weak when i'm behind someone

feel weak when i realize that everyone is strong

even though they're just look strong but actually not

people said that it was difficult to understand me

because something in my heart will never be told out

only if you're the special one


only when you can guess it by observation


i always think that i'm so easy to be see through

is that so?!

who cares~


  1. why the format of blogging look like someone's blog d ? lol .

    not everyone can be so optimistic at everytime,everywhere.
    Emo and thinking will be good at sometimes.

    don't know whether you are strong or not.
    but know that you are not weak .

    Not the special one .
    But don't know trying to guess is good or not.

    Actually many people will care about it .
    At least I will .

    Last but not the least,
    Good luck.
    Complicated now.

    From : Anonymous.

  2. because i copy from someone lor^^
    'emo and thinking will be good at sometimes', so next time i got reason jor... and thx for the caring yor~^^

  3. someone is nice to .
    just can use for sometimes not always =)
    welcome very much !