Friday, July 2, 2010


only 2 more days
this course will be ended up
still don't have any feeling yet
may be because the exam is on Monday
so... still have some time
took photo with Ms Ranee after the class
i think i will miss her when i start my major
because she is really kind to us
hope to meet nice lecturers in the future studies

today is 2nd July
1/2 year had just pass
what had i done during the few months?
couldn't really remember at all
just know that
i'd joined the AE class in March
i make many new friends
i have sweet memories
although there were something happened

i'm definitely will miss this class
because this is my first experience on going towards the society
thanks everyone in AE class and also the lecturer


  1. what happen ?

    nice le,the last photo !
    u shuld thank the photographer =p

  2. yaya... nice ar. cant c my face~ lol

  3. lol ..
    dun LOL me
    i wil feel lol

    the light and hair nice ma
    lol .