Monday, September 27, 2010

' bok sat '

Its a tiring day again although i don't have to attend 8 hours classes. I have been relaxing myself for few days, so its time for me to stop playing and having fun. Because the assignmentsss are damn hard to do and i really scare that my small small brain can't afford the difficulties.
I would not give up, at least at the moment(again 'at the moment'). LOL
Killing all the assignments is my mission from tomorrow onwards.
Its time to 'bok sat' instead of leaving everything until the very last minute.
The feeling was sucks while rushing those rubbish in the last minute and get a F or redo. Don't wanna try it anymore. Never ever.
Wish that tomorrow will be a brand new day for me and everyone too~

^God bless^

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