Wednesday, October 6, 2010

light up my life, please

again, the energy is back~
what a great news for myself~ lol

these days, there're such many things had happened
and my mood was really not stable for couple days
may be some of them will say that i'd think too much
well, i'll accept what people are trying to tell me
but i have my own thoughts too, right
and some of them had tried to encourage me too
i'd received the message they sent to me
and now, i'm to totally recovering

assignments are attacking me again since last week
and i'm suffering too,
but suffer with different moods
a happy mood,a cheer mood,a healthy mood~
so may be i'm not suffering as well...

-everything great will remain for long long time
-tears are not falling anymore ^^
-pass the subjects
-having good life everyday

this is the thing that i need to light up my life,
and also the thing which keep gaining my weight these days

1 comment:

  1. you are not suffering ... believe HIM and me =D