Sunday, May 3, 2009

The 1st Time

Today is mummy's birthday...
Everything is going normal, nothing special is happening.
We went for dinner at Damansara--Canton Fare. It's a restaurant which famous by 'char siew'.
Im a person who dont really like it but i ate 2 pieces... It was nice!(I cant believed these words came out from my mouth)
There are something special also--beijing duck
I'd never had duck before, because it make me feel lot different from chick or pork.
I had also try it today... It was my 1st time.
Erm... the taste is not bad but i prefer the 'char siew' more.

I fell great tonight.
The food were delicious.
We took nice photos.
n we had dessert too...nice

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  1. wish ur mom happy on her birthday ...
    last time i remember wan ... err... haha ..