Friday, May 29, 2009


Feel so complicated...
Bout what?
I dunno... juz feel a little moody

Then go yam cha juz now
Me, Zhi, Boss, BB, W.siang, K.siang, Peng, Xiu Yan & Jia min
It was a funny n rediculous nite...

We had talked bout funny things, lot of funny incident...
It was quite a happy nite.
Everyone laugh exaggeratively because of those 'jokes'
One more thing is the customers thr cant tahan us then 'Shh...' us o!
Im so sorry... but we really lose control juz now.

I feel relax when i was at home now...
Thx to my fren for making me laugh.
I feel better now d, not so complicated...

Today is the 1st day of holiday
Hope everyone enjoy urselfs.

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