Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i hate maths?!

Do i hate maths?!
No! Actually i love maths althought im not really good on it.
Maths is a easy subject if i understand it, so i always try to.
but this few days i began to hate it, because of the teacher...
Or may be...... its because of the WINDOW!
Without the window, we couldn't switch on the aircond but 6th floor can...
It makes 7th floor feel very hot... So i really cant concentrate especailly at noon and maths period.
I think this really make me felt in a bad mood!
I dont know why is this related with maths... just feel that im always in a bad mood during maths period.


  1. thn u can bring ur own fan go school lah....hehe...
    the 1 for ur laptop 1...

  2. im always in a sleeping mode during maths...or kacau ppl ..

  3. Maybe because maths very mem-pek-cek-kan orang...
    I hate maths -___-