Saturday, April 4, 2009

~Marley & Me~

'Marley & Me' is a movie about a labrador name Marley
this movie is quite long ago but i have no time to watch...

im free 2day so i juz watch it on mandy's laptop

everyone told me the story is very touching n sure that i will cry

after watching the movie:
i'd cry(especially they're in the clinic)
i'd cry 4 a long time
the story made me thought bout 'sport'
i cant stop crying at the moment

now is my feeling:
i love Marley
i love Owen Wilson
i love Jennifer Aniston so much(i love her all the time)

this is a nice movie
i hope everyone could watch this movie
after watching u will know what is love



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  2. Erm~
    not bad...
    buy DVD watch la~hahaha^^