Monday, June 1, 2009


ok... we had started our 2 weeks holiday since last saturday...
Today, was a boring day... Damn boring!
Woke up early in the morning, because have tuition.
9am have a/c tuition... OMG
I slept late last nite, it makes me feel tired and moody while tuition.

Everyone says that this holiday have to study hard, prepare exam and ...
I never do this before during holidays. I cant!
Its not my style, althought im facing the UEC.
Book-keeping, maths, chinese, geography, Commerce, English...
Im scare to face this things. Im scare of it...

I dont know what to do at this time.
I faced my laptop for whole day, accept dinner time and bath

Today, i drive myself to tuition.
This is the first time.
I feel not bad on my driving skills, but mama feel SCARE!
She had never test my driving before.
She sms twice and call me 3 times when im tuition.
When i reach home, she call again.
Why... Everything is all right.
I feel confident, because i parked the car nicely althought a lorry block some space of the front door...
I did it. I park it by myself.
There's nothing happen...


  1. Your driving is okay la..
    Everyone is a little shaky at first,
    once you get the hand of it, it's gonna be alright...
    all moms in the world always worries about their kids. hehehe... no matter what they do or how long they've done it.

    Got car to stick ur 'P' d lor? hahaha

  2. *get the hang
    paisei... type wrong

  3. Haha~
    Next time I want see ur car!!~

  4. sorry not see...
    is sit...=.="
    typed so fast...

  5. haha... why u 2 also type wrong de.

  6. next time u drive us go makan la, wohooo~
    can rest d, haha

  7. coz u r their little baby they feel more 'gan cheong' about u..just like tee zhe ting...we all also pampered her a lot...

    anyway, good luck for ur coming UEC exam and also when u r driving..

    It's still good being a student at least u can enjoy holiday!

  8. [fann] i always wan to do that. haha...

    [Jas] little baby?! sounds bad.haha... we always want holiday but when we have it we dun knw wat to do... so 'mau dun' la!

  9. "mau dun" in english is "ironic"
    *tip for your UEC!! hehe

  10. i will wait 4 u~~
    xin driving wor!!