Thursday, May 13, 2010

cheong K + dinneR

@ amp square ktv

supernatural photo

carmen & funfun don't be shy la~

I went to cheong K with funfun and carmen yesterday noon. We decided it in the previous night. Feel happy to hangout with them. Finally can have fun with new friends. Both of them are really funny and cute.[sry to carmen for the two words! pls forgive me~ ^^]

my dinner last night

its delicious o~love the mango ice

After that i had dinner @ Kim Gary because Fann had the 50% voucher. Eat not very very much but very full. Its more than my normal meal...^^
4 of us only paid for RM44... It was really worth la~


  1. 4 person d food
    but duno which 1 is u eat de wor .. haha

  2. btw, no nid say sorry la
    i just kiding only =D
    i scared u mad lo , cz i keep saying the 2 words ..