Monday, May 17, 2010


1 week holiday was really fast. Finally started my class today. It was a tired morning for i can't adapt to wake early so i felt a little sleepy at the morning. When Ms Ranee walked into the classroom i remembered that i had done the mid-term exam in the day before holiday. So, it was the time to receive the results. It was not bad at all, yet some papers didn't reach my target. I will work very hard to achieve a good results and will not disappoint everyone.

Grammar- 8.9
Listening- 7.8
Reading Comprehension- 7.7
Writing- 6.0

Make some careless mistake in listening and grammar paper. I promise it will not appear again.

happy b'day TO xuxu


  1. next time gah yao =0
    good luck ya

  2. thx carmen~ i will de and u too. get 10 not 9.5 d~hehe

  3. lol . i am just lucky ... really !