Saturday, May 22, 2010

Putra Jaya 1-Day Trip

Fann and Reuben decided to go for a photo shooting at Labour Day. So i became their model. We went to Putra Jaya at the morning. The weather was really good for photo shooting but not for me because i had had to stay under the sun for a long time. However, it was tiring but happy and the photos are really great~

We brought lots of props like guitar,bears,balloons,camera,book and umbrella. Also, sunglasses was the most important thing to me because of the strong sunshine.

I did enjoyed myself on that day. Have to thanks to photographer - Reuben Teo and 'kelefe'-Fann. Photo shooting is really fun.^^

~Look out my facebook for more photos~


  1. 以后就去当MODEL啦。。。

  2. classical guitar doesn't use spectrum ...

  3. owen- im not potential enough on going towards modeling la.

    anony- what u mean spectrum o??!