Monday, May 31, 2010


We were rushing our homework last Wednesday because have to pass up on Thursday. While i finished it and printed it out, I received Cai's massage to inform us that Ms Ranee was in the hospital. So our class was cancelled on Thursday. We had 4 days holiday since Thursday because Friday was public holiday- Wesak Day. We decided to go to a beach. We always decide to go somewhere very randomly. We confirmed to hang out only in a few minutes. Finally, Carmen, Jackie and I went to have breakfast-roti canai at pandamaran. Then started our journey to Morib at around 10.45am. Unfortunately, we went there too early and there was no 'water'. We have to go there at evening or night then only we can see the sea. We kept going on then reached Sepang Gold Coast. We bought a kite and played for some time then walked more far to reach the water. It was quite disgusting because those are not sand. It was like mud. Carmen's shoes were so dirty, then Jackie and I put off our slippers. Although we couldn't see the beautiful beach but we enjoyed ourselves very much. It was really a happy day~

Today,after we reached Taylor's, we found that class was cancelled for Ms Ranee is still in the hospital. I never thought that i will have such a long holiday. We have 6 continuous days that have no class. The staff told us that she may be back on Wednesday. So we went for breakfast at old town then watched movie- The Bounty Hunter at 11.30am. There is no class tomorrow too but we have to be at class because they will arrange some work for us to do. Some of them don't want to go to class but i will be there because it will be very boring if i stay at home. I love my college life so much~

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  1. may31 is not a good day .. LOL
    anyway .. randomness is good :D