Thursday, July 9, 2009


The Hin Hua High School 12th Sports Day is over...
Most of them was happy on it but im not...
Dont ask me why! It was just my feeling.
I didnt really feel so 'HIGH' today because we're not really have team work at all.
Feel like everyone dont really enjoy accept those who like to act crazy.haha

At first we had decided to go for dinner at biao di's shop then go to watch Transformer. Unfortunately...i miss the movie again. Is AGAIN!!!
It is becoz i wan to visit my cute niece--En Thong...

So after the closing ceremony Wei Siang,Kai Siang,Suey Sin and me went to yam cha...
We chat lot things at there. At that time i realize that i should have known them earlier...
I think that i might have more frens... Thx you guys ya.

When i decided to put aeroplane
I din feel sorry becoz everyone knew that i care about Thong Thong.
I knw you guys wont angry at me but when we're going back...
i found that... im wrong!


  1. girl~
    don angry~
    ur parents just care about u...
    every parents is the same even my parent so just learn from gold flower...don care too much~
    u know that u are very bliss ad if compare with others~
    maybe they is too strict but hope u can cherish~
    jia you~

  2. im not angry bout my parents... i know what they thinking about...
    and that angry is not to my parents.

  3. ermmm...nvm,xynn...still have another change de!haha!!^^
    [I think that i might have more frens...]

    Yupe,it's good for you...!!jia you~^^
    tell you,I dislike the movie ending,feel so cincai...=.="errr~~~

    happy always lah~k? :]