Saturday, July 18, 2009


We had get through the priliminary...
It's so complicated! I feel stress now because i can't do it.
I can't perform infront of many people...
The other reason is because Anna has a high expectation to us.
She hope we could get into the final.
Me too thinking of it.
Me too hope to get into final, but i'm not confident at all.
I had forgotten what is acting, i don't even know how do to it...
I'm doubt on myself.

Xin aint Xin anymore, she lost her way,she lost her confident, she lost her attitude, her target, her dream.
She lost everything belongs to her...
Why?! No why!
Everyone has a dream, or may be more then one.
She herself have a dream too...
She hope she could do well, she hope she aint disappoint everyone.
They are the only art class which had continue to the competition.
Everyone wish them to beat those competitor and get a nice result.

to make a good show,
to complete a nice drama
ain't an easy job.

1 comment:

  1. hey, come on be brave!!!
    lets find your confident u used to have b4.
    I'm 100.1% sure u will get through the final, u just need to believe in yourself!!!!
    work hard =D i know u can do it.